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Wicked Wolves iOs Cheat Code List


i2efcaf66548FREE 120プラチナ ($0.99)
i3f47829fd4eFREE 500プラチナ ($3.99)
i85a77731a28FREE 1150プラチナ ($8.99)
i8d027f08971FREE 3100プラチナ ($23.99)
if28ba7c1d58FREE 5200プラチナ ($39.99)
i554f433db7fFREE 8100プラチナ ($59.99)
ie8bc7dca282FREE 10800プラチナ ($79.99)
i346854ab46bFREE 3100プラチナ+310プラチナ ($23.99)
i7e269114389FREE 5200プラチナ+520プラチナ ($39.99)
i8f44f5a67fdFREE 8100プラチナ+810プラチナ ($59.99)

Wicked Wolves Android Hack


DD2541FB7312E3FREE 120プラチナ ($0.99)
DD8F55E2A729BBFREE 500プラチナ ($3.99)
DDFE4CB1A6C59BFREE 1150プラチナ ($8.99)
DDECC31509373EFREE 3100プラチナ ($23.99)
DD63FC0D036538FREE 5200プラチナ ($39.99)
DD3405BBE2D6AAFREE 8100プラチナ ($59.99)
DD5F8769DA2EF5FREE 10800プラチナ ($79.99)
DD0BC34A9C90AEFREE 3100プラチナ+310プラチナ ($23.99)
DDE307EA7BB058FREE 5200プラチナ+520プラチナ ($39.99)
DD83023395B6F7FREE 8100プラチナ+810プラチナ ($59.99)

About Wicked Wolves by Arithmetic

These boys come with a bite...

Suddenly thrust into the world of werewolves and vampires, you become the mate of one of these brutish men! The world of Wicked Wolves is a dangerous place and these boys come with a bite!

You're a police officer assigned to one of the most bustling cities in the world; Tokyo.

Underneath the vast near future metropolis, werewolves and vampires lurk in all corners of life. One faithful night plunges you into their world.

Saved by the beautiful wolf men from a vampire who had his fangs in your neck, they are looking for a mate to continue their lineage - You!

Who will you choose?

Free to play!

■The animalistic men are :

・Ruka Jinguji

VA: Yuuki Ono

The sadistic head of the Jinguji family, he will do anything to protect his family.

・Toga Leed

VA: Toshiki Masuda

The fierce wolf that runs a mafia empire with a loathing of humans.

・Gekka Kamitani

VA: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

The cool idol wolf, popular with all the girls.

・Ibuki Mitsumine

VA: Yusuke Shirai

The charismatic pure blood wolf, lonely for love.

・Ivan Charles

VA: Junichi Toki

The wolf of the silver screen, a renowed playboy.

・Louis Farinelli

VA: Yoshitaka Yamaya

The aristocratic wolf, with a mysterious streak.

・Arthur Langley

VA: Daisuke Hirakawa

The thousand year old vampire, sorrowful and obessive.

・Kairi Koduka

VA: Tasuku Hatanaka

The flirtious pansexual fox, with an eye on you.

・Kotaro Inumaki

VA: Kento Hama

The faithful watchdog, a tough cynic.


VA: Kodai Sakai

The eternal young vampire, energetic and bratty.

Easy to play, even for first-timers!

・Play 5 scenarios a day for free.

・Increase your points with Bridal Training.

・Get great clothes for your avatar and progress the story by clearing love trials with your man.

・Depending on Affection levels, the endings can change, so you can even date one man in different ways!

・You can team up with your dating sim-loving friends and take part in events for extra boost.

※The game is Free to play, but charges may apply for special scenarios, avatars, and items.



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