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Available Cheat Codes

Clockmaker. iOs Cheat Codes


i6f43f5b8f73FREE Pile of Rubies ($0.99)
i123e1776858FREE Bag of Rubies ($4.99)
i9ff42bb45bdFREE Sack of Rubies ($9.99)
if8ea5551d8cFREE Box of Rubies ($19.99)
ia784d102cbcFREE Chest of Rubies ($49.99)
i5d0774079c2FREE Fountain of Rubies ($99.99)
i72058910746FREE Super Offer ($4.99)
i05be32292fcFREE Super Offer ($9.99)
ib793643392eFREE Super Offer ($14.99)
i3f9c9320affFREE Super Offer ($19.99)

Clockmaker. Android Cheat Codes


DDC8AF47D5A0C5FREE Pile of Rubies ($0.99)
DDB38AAD6AEA28FREE Bag of Rubies ($4.99)
DDF83B5D3316E9FREE Sack of Rubies ($9.99)
DDDE49F9A261E1FREE Box of Rubies ($19.99)
DDD3DD6A913988FREE Chest of Rubies ($49.99)
DD592377F47DB7FREE Fountain of Rubies ($99.99)
DDCE0448DB6759FREE Super Offer ($4.99)
DD172C5C3BD7AEFREE Super Offer ($9.99)
DDF517BDCF699DFREE Super Offer ($14.99)
DD44BA67B4C7B8FREE Super Offer ($19.99)

About Clockmaker. by Samfinaco Limited

Mystery Jewels, Gems & Puzzles

Welcome to Clockmaker, a unique matching puzzle game. Come on in - an amazing adventure is waiting for you. Beat match-3 levels to rescue the town from the evil curse of the Old Clockmaker. Are you ready?


- Unique gameplay: help Uncle rescue villagers from the Clockmaker's curse

- Amazing graphics: intense mystical atmosphere

- Thousands of fun and challenging levels

- Connect&play with friends: play with your Facebook friends!

- Play seasonal and time-limited puzzles to get amazing rewards!

- Monthly game updates: holiday adventures with prizes!

- All quests are available without additional fees

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